Slovenian Language and Culture Association Queensland Inc. (SLCA) is a not-for-profit organisation, founded in November 2015.

The main aims of the Associations are fourfold:

  •     To provide lessons of Slovenian language to all interested persons,
  •     To promote awareness of Slovenian culture in Australia,
  •     To organise cultural projects in Australia that promote Slovenian language and culture, and
  •     To strengthen intercultural dialogue between Australia and Slovenia.


SLCA first became active in May 2015, following an initiative raised by the Honorary Consul for Slovenians in Queensland, Mrs Nevenka Golc-Clarke. Mrs Golc-Clark, along with her fellow members of the Association, responded to the identified need to provide the opportunity to learn (or at least maintain) Slovenian language among the fast growing Slovenian community in Queensland. While Queensland has two active Slovenian clubs – Planinka in Brisbane and Lipa on the Gold Coast - who have been working tirelessly for several decades to offer organised gatherings for Slovenians of the 1., 2. and subsequent generations, Queensland has so far not had a central organisation which would focus specifically on teaching and promoting Slovenian language and culture. The newly established Association aims to fill this gap.

Taking into account some of the challenges related to the great distances between main cities of Queensland, SLCA offers lessons of Slovenian language on three locations: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, and Gold Coast.

Lessons are organised weekly, either on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Separate lessons are available for adults and children (those that do not read or write yet). As stated in the Association’s goals, SLCA welcomes anybody who is interested in Slovenian language or culture, whether they are complete beginners or those already have some prior knowledge and want to remain in contact with Slovenian language. So far, more than 30 students have enrolled in SLCA’s lessons.   

More information about the exact times and locations of lessons are available and regularly updated on our Facebook Page Slovenian Language and Culture Association Queensland .

Please join SLCA’s Facebook page to receive regular updates about its upcoming activities. In addition to continuing with Slovenian lessons, in 2016 SLCA is planning to organise a wide range of activities, celebrating the many things that characterize the rich and fascinating Slovenian culture.  


Lessons of Slovenian language are taught by:

Sunshine Coast – Nevenka Golc-Clark and Natasa Shelley

Brisbane – Alenka Caserman Leskošek, Tina Blair and Alja Hojnik

Gold Coast - Jerneja Svetičič

Members of the SLCA’s managing committee (elected in 2015) are:

Jerneja Svetičič – president

Nevenka Golc-Clarke – vice-president

Alenka Caserman Leskošek - secretary

Tina Blair – treasury

Please contact SLCA for more information about its activities, to register your interest for lessons of Slovenian language (as a student or teacher) or to become a member of the Association:

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Opening of Slovenian School at Slovenian Association Planinka in 2015


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