Mirko Cuderman presented Slovenia at the St Mary’s Church, Woodford and as well at The Methodist Church, Kilcoy, Brisbane.

The detailed account of Slovenian history was concluded with his thoughts:

” . . . By the grace of God we survive over 1200 years as a nation, embrace Christian Faith, retain our unique Slovenian language, our culture and now are a proud member of the European Union. Slovenians are predominantly Roman Catholics and education is considered very important and illiteracy is almost unknown. The Brižinski records (The Monuments of Freising) written in Slovenian are Europe’s oldest functional document in a still living language.

On my last visit to Slovenia, I was pleasantly surprised to see many young people involved in church life and growths. Local parishes are well organized with many cultural, religious and social activities. Monthly magazine Ognjišče serve mostly young generation with rich and colourful articles, supporting Christian way of life. This involvement of young people in parish activities in all walks of life is, in my view, answer to our prayer.