Marcela Bole Life Story

1984 as the first collection of poems Kraški izlivi - Karst Spills. 1989,

collections of poems  Iz Krasa po svetu - From Karst to the World and

Kraški odmevi - Karst Echoes in 1991. All collections of poems are in Slovenian.

Marcela tells her Life story in Slovenian, about the humble beginning of Life and Work in Australia (in Slovenian) and also about How people used to Live in Kras pre 1900's (in Slovenian). 

Silvester Bole  Life Story   


Schoolwork of Marcela Bole:  School Certificates (Italian School) 19231924, 1926-27,  1927-28, Maths notebook, Language notebook, History notebook, Embroidery patterns, Certificates of AppreciationItalian Poems,  Italian school notebook


Daughter Neva Life  

Schoolwork of Neva Roeder Bole:   Embroidery pattern 1953   Embroidery pattern 1954   Carnation Pattern 1955     Drawings Part 1   Drawings Part 2


Daughter Danila Life   

Schoolwork of Danila Štolfa Bole:  Drawings in Slovenia Grade 5 in 1954, Grades 1 to 3 in 1952 to 1953, Grade 8,b Drawings in Austral




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