Joseph Varglien was born in 1935. He migrated to Australia in 1960 to Melbourne. Joseph was a toolmaker by trade and started his own business in 1965, being the Managing Director and founding owner of Mulgrave Engineering Services until the sale of business in 1990.

Developed expertice iin the field of hardfacing and repair of injection moulding, plastic polymer processing components and machinery, in particular, he gained a reputation for high quality precision, achining and repair of injection moulding extruder screws and barrels.

During this time he applied the more traditional and proven methods of hardfacing, machining and polishing to deliver precision quality components to the Plastics Industry.

Mr Vaglien built and operated his business with the understanding and knowledge that high quality workmanship and fast turnaround, were the keys to providing cost effective services to the Plastic Industry.

He undesrtand the unique requirements of the Industry and brings 27 years of skill and expertics to P.T.A. Coatings (Plasma Transfered Arc Hard Surfacing Specialists).

PTA – Experts in Plasma Transferred Arc Hardfacing



Mr Varglien attended and participated at numerous international expo exhibitions:

Six times in Düsseldorf, Germany and Paris, France

Three times Chicago, USA.

The business has been sold to his partners.

Joseph Varglien


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