Prof Laura Premrl was born on 9th March, 1950 in Renče, close to Nova Gorica, in Slovenia, and died on 29th August, 2009 at Mary Potter in Kalvary, Adelaide.
Education: Teachers College, majoring in French, German and Chinese languages.

Laura taught at various schools and concentrated on languages.
She also taught at the Slovenian Saturday school at the Holy Family School in West Hindmarsh in 1978.
Classes were held at the primary school in Hindmarsh. In the first year, there were more than 60 students enrolled. Laura liked to assist at the Holy Family at ceremonies on various special days and prepared the cultural programme.
When celebrating the historical event of the blessing of the Adelaide Slovenian church’s foundation stone, and other ceremonies, she carefully prepared speeches and assisted at concerts.
The Slovenian school had a junior class (lower primary school students of 4 to 9 years of age) which was taught by Mrs Laura Premrl, an excellent teacher. Laura taught for many years at the Slovenian school. She was an accomplished teacher of French, German and Chinese.

Draga Gelt

Laura was a significant contributor to the South Australian Slovenian community with her activity in
teaching, radio broadcasting, presenter at events such as Cultural Day (often with her son Davor), editorial (Slovenian Club
Adelaide 40th Anniversary book 1957-1997) and lyric writing (Slovenski Dom).
Laura was a teacher by profession, she taught at Aberfoyle Park High School, and her lifelong passion was learning
languages and imparting this knowledge onto others. In total she spoke an amazing seven languages: Slovenian,
English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. She started studying the most difficult of these
languages, Chinese, at the age of 40 by taking her baby son Davor to China for 10 months and studying the language
there. Totally immersing herself in Chinese culture. In South Australia she was a member of the Chinese Language
Teachers’ Association.
Note: A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.
Dober učitelj je kot sveča – iztrošti sebe, da razsvetli življenske poti drugih.
Her personal message:

All I can do is endeavour to make the best of what you gave me, and that I promise to do.
(From SLOVENIA South Australia Newsletter, 2009, p. 11)


More information about Laura as a teacher of the Slovenian Language School, the school’s curriculum, children’s work, and many more photographs can be found in the book by Draga Gelt: Chronicle of Slovenian Schools and Slovenian Language Teachers in Australia pp. 596-597, available as well online from the NUK (National University Library in Ljubljana), Digital Library of Slovenia.


Storytelling by Laura Premrl and Marta Skrbis (sound recording):

The white queen snake (in Slovenian and English)

Slovenski dom (music) by Jadran Vatovec and Laura Premrl

German School Film Project

Later Years                                        Category South&West Australia

Schools                                             Name of teacher           Year/ Level          Film
Mannum Community College            Eva Daddow                 9/10                     Invasion Gras
School for the German Language     Gabriele B. Fitzgerald    10                       Attacke der Boffins- Terroristen Revolution
Gladstone High School                     Iris v. Düffel                    11                        Die Glühbirnentragödie
Loxton High School                           Margot Kranich              10                        Intelligentes Essen
School for he German Language      Gabriele B. Fitzgerald    9/10                     Die Zeitrenne
Adelaide High School                        Eva Wilhelm                   10                        Zeit, Licht & Raum (Chris)
Adelaide High School                        Eva Wilhelm                   10                        Zeit, Licht & Raum (Maria)
Aberfoyle Park High School              Laura Premrl                  10                        Weihnachten ist noch zu weit


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