ZLATKO SKRBIŠ, Prof of Sociology and Vice-Provost, Monash UniversityProfessor Zlatko Skrbiš was born in Maribor in 1966.  He studied philosophy and sociology at a the University  of Ljubljana and graduated in 1991. After completing his undergraduate studies he was awarded a Commonwealth Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship to undertake a PhD in the field of Sociology at Flinders University in South Australia.

His research spans the areas of migration studies, social theory and life-course studies.

He is the Principal Chief Investigator on the multi-wave ARC Discovery Project titled ‘Social Futures and Life Pathways of Young People in Queensland’. This is a current infinite-life, multi-wave, multi-method cohort study of young Queenslanders.

He has authored four books:

Long-distance Nationalism: Diasporas, Homelands and Identities;

Cosmopolitanism: Uses of the Idea (with Woodward);

The Sociology of Cosmopolitanism (with Kendall and Woodward); and

Constructing Singapore (with Barr).

He is also the author of numerous academic papers which have appeared in some of the key international social science journals.

He is currently Professor of Sociology and Vice-Provost (Graduate Education) at Monash University and is responsible for the strategic oversight of graduate coursework and research education across the Monash University system.

Before joining Monash, he was Dean of Graduate School at The University of Queensland. He is an Honorary Monash-Warwick Professor and Honorary Professor in Sociology at The University of Queensland. In 2015, Professor Skrbiš was also elected the Inaugural President of the University of Ljubljana Global Alumni and Associates Network

Left Monash in November 2018. Currently at the ACU as Deputy Vice-

Chancellor Education and Innovation.


Program for Leadership Development, Harvard Business School

Doctor of Philosophy, Flinders University of South Australia

Completed 2015

Completed 1995

Sociology of Culture, (Diploma/Honours), University of Ljubljana Completed 1991
Philosophy, (Diploma/Honours), University of Ljubljana Completed 1991

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