Dr Bogdan Pušenjak established Slovenian school in Slovenian Club Perth and taught from 1983-1985. He wrote a text book for learning Slovenian language, aimed at the Slovenian youth, who needed to learn practical words and expressions.

Mary Pušenjak wrote:
“In his retirement he taught Slovenian to a small group of children and grandchidren of members of the local Slovenian society. As president of the society at the time, it was a gesture he offered in an honorary capacity.
His lessons were typed on his typrewriter and distributed to the students. However, these children wereAustralanised and enthusiasm was whittlede away, as no suitable teacher was available to take over, when we travelled abroad each year. The stand-in teacher was a willing young woman, but had no training.
The population of Slovenians in West Australia was very small and because of age, illness, heat, the Slovenian society was disbanded.” 


More information about each teacher of the Slovenian Language School, the school’s curriculum, children’s work, and many more photographs can be found in the book by Draga Gelt: Chronicle of Slovenian Schools and Slovenian Language Teachers in Australia pp. 642, available as well online from the NUK (National University Library in Ljubljana), Digital Library of Slovenia.


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