Stanko was born in 1955 at Trieste, Italy. He arrived with his parents to Australia on Anzac Day, 1956.

We had family members in Melbourne and we have not been transported to any migrant camp”.

Early Education:

Our Lady of Victories, Camberwell

Blackburn Primary School

Blackburn High School

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Primary schooling was first at Our lady of Victories in Camberwell. Then at Blackburn Primary where I found that I had to mix with non Catholics. *the nuns taught us it was them against us). Shock to find the only difference was the male teacher used his leather strap with greater vengeance.

Secondary school at Blackburn High.

“At school I integrated well into the Australian way of life.

After completed high school I started working as dental technician in 1974 with the Orthodontic Practice at Kew, Melbourne.

Study:       3 years of apprenticeship,

                  1 year and a half at Melbourne University – Clinical Status, part time

                  6 months part time get a partial dental status

        During apprenticeship I worked with David Gilbert, a Holocaust survivor from Prague.  He was the     sole survivor of his large family. I was intrigued by his stories and identified these with my parents’ upbringing.

I have qualified as Dental Prosthetist in 1988 at Melbourne University.

In 1990 I started my own practice.

Today we are known as ADPA (Australian Dental Prosthetists Association).


The Royal Dental Hospital of Melbourne, Melbourne University, 1988

Association of Advanced Dental Technicians

Dental Prosthetists Association, 1991

“I have a private practice named VERMONT DENTURE CLINIC.

My advertisement asks:  Are your dentures more comfortable in a glass . . .?  If so, for a free consultation contact KONFIDENT Pty. Ltd.

Stan Krnel, dental prosthetist specializing in dentures and mouth guards.

I like to give people confidence to smile again.

At 27 I travelled for 2 years. My theory was that in each country, as a general rule, I would stay in one location, so as to get an insight culturally. I bought a one-way ticket to Bombay and spent 11 months in India, Nepal and Pakistan. When one first lands there, it is a shock to all one’s senses. Learning to adapt culturally was a steep learning curve. Initially the poverty, and than the glorious smile which was the greatest communication. With friends went trekking to Mt Everest Base Camp. Whilst in Southern India I studied Yoga for 3 months.

Than overland to Europe: Slovenia, France and England. In France I stayed in the Alps” There I worked 2 months laboring with little French for a builder with no English. Got on like a house on fire, than skied for 6 weeks.”.

Stanko Krnel, April 2016

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From a blank to a mouth guard

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