As my heart still beats strongly with Slovenian spirit, I’ve worked for forty-one years in the Slovenian Community to preserve the Slovenian language.  I taught the  Slovenian language between 1974 to 1980 and from 1983 with the assistance of young teachers and students who at some time, came and went. In 2009, on Mothers’ Day, I retired as teacher of the Slovenian language at the club, Planica.

We learned to read and write the alphabet with correct pronunciation, learned the meaning of words and comprehension of text through readings, recitals and songs. Singing and short dramatisations were prepared for the cultural programmes for Mothers and Fathers Days and for various celebrations at the club. This format continued for the entire thirty-five years. The students loved to learn verses and dramatising on stage, for different anniversaries. They particularly  liked being photographed and often remember those times when viewing photos. They are happy and proud when they hear themselves on radio.

From 1974, I was involved with organising the cultural programmes for Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days celebrations, festivals, folk groups, the anniversaries of various important club dates, drama group and children’s performances. Management of the archives fell to me as I was on the sub-committee of the club newsletter Novice. I also wrote various reviews. As a cultural worker of the Victorian World Slovenia Organisation, I prepared pictorial and craft exhibitions.

Over twenty-one years, in my role as secretary, I took an active part in cultural events and reported news items from club newsletters, Rodna Gruda, Moja Slovenia, on radio. I have been instrumental in the organisation of the written, video and pictorial items of the SSOV archives. Poems were written for the children to be recited at various celebrations and important anniversaries.

Slovenian Language Classes at Victorian High Schools were introduced in 1977 to 2002.

For 17 years, I taught at Box Hill High School, at University High School for 3 years and at Princes Hill High School for 7 years. At times, I was also an emergency teacher at various centres. In the final year of HSC Slovenian language classes, my daughter Lili Eggleston, came to assist with the teaching. For a further five years I held private Slovenian language classes at my home.”

Lucija Srnec

During those years, working at Planica, Lucija was supported and helped by her husband Štefan. More can be read about the Slovenian school Planica and the Cultural life at Planica. Lucija was also an editor of the newsletter, Novice, at Planica.

For many years, Lucija and Stefan were both Committee members of Slovenian Association Planica and Council of Slovenian Associations in Victoria (CSOV), organising  cultural programs, and coordinating art and craft exhibitions.

Between 1990 and 1996 Lucija was a Committee member of the Slovenian National Council of Victoria, assisting with the cultural programs for various celebrations.

Lucija was also instrumental in establishing and assisting at the Slovenian Welfare Agency & Information Inc., based at Kew.

On many occasions, Lucija assisted with the Slovenian Radio program on 3ZZZ.

In appreciation for their work they both, Lucija and Štefan, received many Awards and Certificates.

To find out more about Lucija’s teaching of the Slovenian language in Australia at various Slovenian schools read the Chronicle of Slovenian Schools and Slovenian Language Teachers in Australia by Draga Gelt, pages: 36-38; 51-54; 391-405; 429; 431-432; 481-483; 671 and 679.

The Slovenian Language in the High School System in Victoria, was introduced by Aleksandra Ceferin BA, MA, Dipl Ed. More about the classes, teachers and students please read in the book by Aleksandra Ceferin Slovenian Language in Australia.


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