Zora Gec’s artworks move from realistic subjects, which are depicted in abstract colour, to motifs which, courageously, reveal more. Still lifes, which include “V Dolini T.” , show an artist who wishes to create only the aesthetically pleasant, and to give each work a meaning which can be uncovered with intense reflection and an open spirit.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist 

ZORA was born at Volčji grad, Kras, Primorska.
She has not attended any art workshops.
Zora entered the following exhibitions: Herald Sun Art Show, Mordialloc Art Show, Malvern Art Show, Slovenian Clubs in Sydney
She was awarded First Prize at Melbourne Inc. Art Exhibition

She told us:
“Something in me drives me to paint.
When I was attending High School in 1952 I realised I can paint.
I paint in oil and have no training.
Painting has given me insight into my own life – I am just Zora. Many times the results and praises make me very happy.
I always say, I am no professional artist.
My paintings express the motifs of Slovenia and its cultural heritage – my motivation comes from my Slovenian roots.”


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