Mihaela was born in 1947 in Ljubljana and has lived 21 years in  ŠENTVID pri Stični ST.VID (Dolenjska region – Lower Carniola). As a young girl she needed to leave school and find work in Ljubljana, in a bycicle factory Rog for 1 year, later in factory  Utensilija (weawing machine parts exported to Germany) for 4 years. She worked in the laboratory tipe. She was as well sent to school  – she wanted to be a professional labaratorian mixing chemicals mixer. All  that changed when she meet Milan.

In her own words:

“I left for Australia in 1968, as a 21 year old girl, following my partner. I travelled on a ship Marconi from Genoa for 28 days and have arrived to Melbourne, Princess Pier, Port Melbourne, on August ’68 where I was welcomed by Milan and a Dutch friend Henny.

Milan guaranteed my travel and we lived in Berwick (Gippsland) for 6 months. We built a house ourselves in Beaconsfield.

My first job was picking strawberries at Officer – on a farm run by the Dutch. Soon after I was invited by to same Dutch boss to work on his new farming adventure – sim carnations and roses. I worked there for 20 years.

I have 2 children: daughter Helena and son Martin.

I left a job and was later employed as a home help Pakenham Home Help. I was also propagating shrubs, trees and gound covers (35,000 plants) for my own business, which I managed for 6 years.

I always liked to paint , since I was little, but life has forced my talent in the background – just entering art shows.

In 1993 I obtained a wood turning machine. Milan has noticed my woodturning talent and encourige me to join the Woodturning Club at Berwick. I started exhibiting and demonstrating at the Berwick Shows, at Bunnings, as well as some shows in Melbourne, Leongatha, Moe and other towns in Gippsland. I also did some teaching  of wood turning at the club,  I purchased all the needed machines for all tipe of wood work: scroll saw, carving, bend saw and all the needed tools. I had my own work shead at home. I was most popular in Gippsland with my own patern ideas. 

I entered pantings at art shows, sold some, but I was so much better in wood works, which were selling like hot cakes.

I have won many awards and prices, among them the prestigious First and Second Prizes, Highly Commended and Award for the Best Fine Art since 1993 until 2001.


My life has changed and I selected my most precious works of my creative life to keep as souveniers.

Recently I made some very special and unique items (wooden cabinets and other objects) and paperbark pictures  – I have constructed 3D landscapes.

I have also worked with paper as a media, and wood work promotion for wood workers. Once a week we made wood toys for disadvantiged children. I made many items for raffles and money was used for the club expenses.

In the Gallery bellow I am showcasing some of my paintings as well: watercolours, pastels and oils, and of course some woodturning art and wood art.

Al my art  is signed by my previus name Mauko.«


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