Nature’s beauty and interesting forms encourage Margaret Reisman’s creativity. Motifs, found in Slovenia as well as in Australia, offer the possibility of developing drawings for colour play as artistic expression. Her artworks display strong, expressive and informative colours, awake the viewer’s interest and invite them for a closer look.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Margaret was born in 1954 in Melbourne, Australia, to Slovenian parents.
Employment:    High School Art teacher.
Education:    Trained at Melbourne Teacher’s College; Secondary Art/Craft course.
Attended a few workshops in Watercolour.
Exhibited at various Rotary Art Shows and awarded a prize at Bacchus Marsh.

“Even though I was born in Australia in 1954 and have lived here most of my life, I know that my Slovenian heritage has had a large influence on my artwork. My parents were both born in the same picturesque village in Slovenia, a place called Vedrijan in Goriška Brda. On my first visit there in 1965, I was overwhelmed by the beauty of the countryside. The dominance of nature was obvious in the hills of vineyards, fruit and nut trees and the lives of the people. This was to become an inspiration to me in my future career as an Art Teacher and artist.
I have always had a desire, since I was a child, to express myself by interpreting the natural world and its beauty through art.
A career in teaching art enabled me to also assist children, particularly teenagers, express themselves through their artwork.
I do believe I was inspired by my art teacher at school because of his own passion for art. The French and Australian Impressionists are a great influence on me because of the way they capture the light and atmosphere and the purity of their colour.
Colour is very important to me in my work and therefore oil and watercolour are the main media I work with. Van Gogh’s work also is a major inspiration to me because he painted with such strong emotion and colours.
Creating art has taught me to really observe nature in all its aspects to have a greater appreciation of it.
Furthermore, art has shown me that I need to create to express myself and the world around me and the creative process itself brings me much joy. Hopefully it also brings an appreciation of the beauty of nature to other people.”

Margaret Reisman


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