Luiza Fistrič researches different artistic paths in the search for her own motifs. She has made courageous depictions of animals, Nature and people at everyday tasks and is now taking different approaches. Arising from realistic depiction, the work is softened by delving into coloured monochromes and from there to drawing, with tension creating atmospheric effects. One of the works shows Melbourne in soft tones and depicts a modern city with a highlighted centre, as if hope is reflected also in the water.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Luiza was born in Knežak, Slovenia
Professional Art Training:        None – hobby only
Art Workshops attended:         Whitehorse Arts Association
Exhibitions entered:            Various art exhibitions within Slovenian Church Community.
Whitehorse Club exhibitions held at
Local Council and Community Centre.
Award:                    Certificate of Merit 1986

“I find the hobby of painting very relaxing and I enjoy the company and social aspect of friends and colleagues at the Art Association. I’m constantly
developing new styles and ideas and the creation of the final artwork is very rewarding.
When I was 16, I first realised that I had a creative flair. A local artist commented that he was impressed with some artwork I had designed for my room. His comments inspired me and although I was not able to pursue my art interest due to war time constraints, the desire remained. I finally began painting as a hobby in 1974 and have continued since.
Although my painting is not inspired by any specific artist or style, I believe it is based on a realistic impression, depicting scenes as I visualise them. Mostly, my style has been influenced by my local art teachers over the past 30 years.
I mostly paint in oils as I believe the colours are more vivid and I can produce more depth in the painting. Oil painting also allows me to revisit the painting over a period of time and make any required changes, added highlights or improvements, if required.
Naturally, my art has evolved over the course of many art lessons over the years.
I can see significant improvements to the layout and design of my paintings.
Having continuous ongoing lessons has improved perspective drawing and colour mixtures. Also, over recent times, I have moved from purely landscape scenes to include still life paintings.

Growing up in the Slovenian country environment has greatly influenced the colours used in my work. The bright and vivid colours are symbolic of the
Slovenian culture, landscapes and surrounding countryside including trees, hills, mountains and flowers. Most of my art reflects the colours of my heritage, and is influenced by my memories of the homeland.”

Luiza Debevec Fistrič


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