Ljenko has in his work inserted many stories, which have formed Slovenian identity in different historycal times. He found motifs through which he exhibited his relationship to his homeland, which he left behind and with his sculptores formed and built it again in Australia. His sculpting marks the forming the essential characteristics of the body and created moment, showing an expressive creator. 

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist


Ljenko was born in 1922 in Šabac, Serbia.
In 1934 the family moved to Ljubljana.
He died in 2006 in Sydney.
“In 1941 he was a volunteer and he organized underground nationalistic group Petrova garda. In 1942 he was in the fascist concentration camp at Gonars.
He was an active member of Sokol and Zbor and was one of the prominent organizers of Slovenian Domobranci, the journalist and co-editor of the bi-weekly magazine Slovensko Domobranstvo, as well as the author of the song Legijonarji.
He left Slovenia in 1945, lived in Italy and Germany. In 1950 he migrated to Australia, where he was publisher and editor of Žar, edited Slovenski obzornik in Australia, he was and also edited Liberal Spectrum in Esprit de corps.”

He has created many sculptures and displayed them at his property Mt Milena in Sydney.
After his death the sculptures were moved. The most prominent, Črtomir and Bogomila is at the premises of Slovenian Association Sydney. 



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