Justina Bole-Schneider eldest of three girls, was born to Slovenian parents in Adelaide, thus she represents the so-called  “second generation “of Slovenian migrants to Australia or rather a 1st generation Australian of Slovenian decent.

In the 1963 her parents had to move from Adelaide to Victoria, because of the Great Depression, and lack of work.  Justina grew up and went to school in Melbourne Victoria, while at school her favourite subjects were Art, Craft and Sports. Her parents also taught their girls Slovenian and made sure they spoke it at home.

Justina coming from a strict Slovenian background was involved in the Slovenian Community, especially with events within St’s. Cyril and Methodius Slovenian Mission, Kew.

During the time there, she felt that P. Bazili Valentin had the most profound and positive influence on her life. Due to her father’s ill health and doctors’ orders the family had to move to a drier climate in Adelaide.

In Adelaide while still at school, Justina became immersed in many of the Slovenian community’s events, volunteering her time when she could. Justina with the help of others, also established a youth group called ‘’Slovensko Mladinsko Drustvo’’ within the Slovenian Club in Adelaide, where she was voted in as President.  The youth group participated in writing newsletters, organising some functions and also affiliated with other Slovenians interstate and abroad. There she also launched and taught a children’s Folklore dance group called ‘’Kekec’’.

Justina had to give up teaching the dance group and her involvement in the community after affected by trauma, on top of her father’s seriously ill health. Battling through that, she met her husband and settled into married life, during which Justina started painting her acrylic artwork to help her unwind from the days stresses. Her skills also include, dressmaking, crafts e.g. greeting card making, event planning & decorations etc.

Since then Justina displayed her paintings at numerous art shows/exhibitions. She was also asked to painted commissions, which helped her financially. Justina recently did a painting for Father David Stumf’s silver anniversary.  Justina’s family comprise s of her husband George, her 20yr old son Peter, her 18yr old daughter Anita, her shadow & pet dog Miska, and her mum Ivanka Bole.


2002- 2014

*The Framer Art Show Oaklands Park(2010),

*Victor Harbour Art Show Warland Reserve,

*St Peters College Art Show Glenelg,
*SALA( South Australian Living Artists Festival),

*Port Adelaide Rotary Art Show, *Slovenian Club,

*Rotary Club of Clare Annual Art Exhibition,

*Penola Coonawarra Arts Festival,

Rosemount Winery McLaren Vale.

Justina Bole Schneider



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