Sketches of the smallest parts of the universe, examination of its structure and discovery through ‘artistic dissection’ form the subject matter for Jon Derganc’s paintings. This thought-provoking painter is a detailed researcher whose thoughts reveal passive colours that create tension in his interesting, monochromatic compositions. His artworks are the results of an exploration of possibilities from within a narrow range of options and the use of colour and shade.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Jon was born in Ljubljana. From his seventh to his fourteenth year he lived in Melbourne, Australia. He studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design. He spent a semester studying at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin. He also recieved a government scholarship to study for a postgraduate degree in printmaking at Rabindra Bharati University in Kolkata. He has participated in numerous group exhibitions and currently resides in Ljubljana, Slovenia.


2014 Completed MFA in Graphics at Rabindra Bharati Universiti in Kolkata, India.
2011 Bachelors degree in Painting from Academy of Fine Art and Design, University of Ljubljana.
2009 Studied for a semester at National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland.
2005-09 Studied at the Academy of Fine Art and Design, University of Ljubljana.


Selected Exhibitions (Group)

  • Galerija sodobne umetnosti (Gallery of Contemporary Art), VIDNO NEVIDNO, Celje, 2014
  • Talinn Print Triennial, Password: Printmaking, Talinn, 2014
  • Muzej moderne i suvremene umjetnosti, Password: Printmaking, Rijeka, 2013-14
  • CIEC Foundation, Password: Printmaking, Betanzos, 2013
  • MCG (Międzynarodowe Centrum Sztuk Graficznych), Password: Printmaking, Krakow, 2013
  • FMC (Frans Masereel Centrum), Password: Printmaking, Kasterlee, 2013
  • MGLC, Password: Printmaking, Ljubljana, 2013 [exh. cat.]
  • Divus Praha, Started 2013|Residents of Startpoint, Prague , 2013
  • OPEN Gallery, Startpoint: Prize for Emerging Artists 2012 // Bratislava edition, Bratislava, 2012
  • Victoria Art Center, Startpoint: Prize for Emerging Artists 2012 // Bucharest edition, Bucharest 2012
  • Galerija Miklova hiša, Start Point 2012 (Slovenija), Ribnica, 2012
  • Galerija Equrna, 16/16, Ljubljana, 2011
  • Mednarodni grafični likovni center (International Centre for Graphic Arts), Hočemo biti svobodni, kot so bili očetje (We Want To Be Free As The Fathers Were), Ljubljana, 2010 [exh. cat.]
  • Groharjeva Galerija, Nabrusimo Kose, Škofja Loka, 2010 [exh. cat.]


  • Chosen to represent ALUO, na Startpoint prize 2012
  • Honorary mention, Startpoint Prize 2012, 2012


  • Indian Government ICCR GCSS (Indian Council for Cultural Relations) General Cultural Scholarship Scheme) scholarship for the study of MFA in Graphics
  • Scholarship for Postgraduate studies for those working in the cultural field 2013/2014, Ministry of Culture, Republic of Slovenia





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