A variety of techniques and the much-loved motifs of beautiful fields in colour combinations that knit together the colours of Slovenia and Australia are characteristic of Ema Jaksetič’s work. She chooses landscapes that evoke feelings of peace and beauty, and her floral depictions have a decorative purpose. Her landscapes and cityscapes include small figures located in large vistas.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

“I am originally from a small village called Velike Loče, near the township of Ilirska Bistrica in Slovenia.

Initially self-taught, I started attending workshops run by a local painter near my home, Elsie McEwen. She opened new doors for me in painting skills and techniques, and from there I could further develop my skills independently and experiment with more techniques. My skills are constantly evolving in areas such as texture, depth and perception, and reflections. Initially my paintings were detailed, but with the growth of my confidence, they have become more impressionistic. Meeting new challenges and developing my painting skills are extremely self-satisfying.
I have always been interested in creativity and imagination, whether in the area of art, talking, cooking, sewing, decorating and so on. It was not until I retired from employment and my children had grown that I started to paint, at the ripe old age of fifty. Although I had some satisfaction from creativity as a wife and mother, painting at long last fulfilled a void that I had felt my whole life. I have now been painting for twenty-five years.

There are inspiring artists everywhere, not only those who create framed paintings but also those who create artwork on a plate or a stained glass window.  I am inspired by the great masters of oil paintings like Leonardo da Vinci and others of around that era, although I do have a preference for painting landscapes. Like the great masters, I use oil paint as a medium, on board and occasionally on canvas. I find oils easy to use; they wipe-off easily or can be painted over if need be.

My love for landscapes first developed while growing up in Slovenia, with its rich, untouched forests, mountains and picturesque villages.  My love of scenic views continues in Australia today with the harsh dry landscapes, interesting trees and beautiful cityscapes. A scene with the elements of buildings, water and trees is my favourite. However, as time goes by, I am increasingly experimenting with ‘non-landscape’ subjects for painting, such as still life, flowers and birds.”


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