The purpose of art is to create in us an emotional response, to warn us and to remind us of the various layers of our existence in society. The images of B.G. awaken underlying sentiment, empathy and contemplation in both the viewer and in the artist. Each of Barbara’s works as a photographer, sculptor or image maker overflows with experimentation in painting material, tradition, heritage and design of the pictorial image.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

Barbara was born in Mildura, Victoria, Australia
At present she working in the family business and as a community volunteer.
Professional Art Training, Art Workshops attended:
TAFE and La Trobe University Bendigo, Bachelor Of Art (Ceramics) 3 years
Exhibitions entered: several local  exhibitions, Slovenian Religious and Cultural centre Kew
Major Awards, Prizes: High Distinction for Sculpture

“I have always loved art as it gives me such a wide spectrum of expression. I loved art since my early education. I enjoyed transmuting my deeper inner feelings into material objects, projects of art and creating the objects of my own imagination.
In painting and drawing I like the art of caricature, especially Disney characters and also portraits. But I mostly worked in ceramics and admire fine porcelain such as Lladro, NAO.
Also I enjoy recreating raw objects to assimilate with nature, such as pit fired pottery and sculptures from discarded material.
Creating art taught me something about myself – I have realised I am more capable to creating art that I have ever imagined before. I often surprise myself with the final products, as if there was another hand working with me and leading me on.
I work in clay and mixed media.
I have taken a long break from art and hope that one day I will resume where I had left off some years ago (after the car accident) as it will always be my favourite hobby that I love.
Our upbringing, life experiences, education and motivational influences all work to produce the person we are. I have learned the love of art, beauty and nature from my mother and our local community, and Art Education has led me into ceramics, but my love and interests in arts is much wider . . .”


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