Anna-Maria Zupančič is an artist with many talents who navigates many different worlds.  The  fantasy images she creates in her colourful drawings depict a variety of human relationships, such as romantic or loving encounters, arrivals and departures, and family bonds that are interwoven and impossible to break. Monochromatic colours are the artist’s means for the expression of insightful views into human psyhe and human nature. The artist’s thoughts, moods and undertones are revealed through small accents, details and long distance views.

Alenka Černelič Krošelj, Lecturer of Art History, Ethnologist and Cultural Anthropologist

“I have been involved in art all my life. I have been an art teacher since 1975 and have been involved in establishing a gallery in Penola (Local Images), Largs Bay (Pier Gallery) and a student and community initiative centre at Christies Beach (Shop Front).

Currently I am a member of [embrace], a co-operative of independently practicing South Australian artists formed to market their work and that of emerging Australian artists. We have a novel partnership with Capt’n Snooze Richmond, a bedding and bedroom furniture retailer, who display our work in bedroom settings. The combination of beautiful furniture, stylish accessories and original artwork allows potential purchasers to visualise all the art works in their own homes.

In my art I love to explore colour, line and shape in a free and abstract way. I have lots of ideas and themes and enjoy using rich colors and mixed media. Nature continues to be my biggest inspiration. Exploring and experimenting with my art works provides me with wonderful new experiences, keeping my passion alive.

I also enjoy working from my intuition. Over the years I have begun working with my inner guidance. I have developed my mandala images from this more spiritual source and found the process quite meditative and centering. The mandalas connect with people on an emotional and spiritual level with individuals finding their own personal meaning within the image.

I have been involved in many group exhibitions in a variety of country and city galleries. These include Naracoorte Art Gallery, Local Images at Penola, Sir Robert Helpman at Mt Gambier, Bull Ring at the Jam Factory, Pier Gallery at Largs Bay, Nexus Gallery in Adelaide, Prospect Gallery at Nailsworth, Hughes Gallery at Fullarton, Education Development Centre at Hindmarsh, Pi Pi’s at Port Noarlunga, Port Adelaide Community Arts Centre and Port Dock Hotel”.


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Anna-Maria Zupancic