Draga Gelt OAM presented a story of Slovenia at The Salvation Army, Ferntree Gully, told as well about the personal experience before migrating to Australia. Magda Pisotek kindly assisted with the set up of the colourful exhibition and traditional foods.

Draga’s questions and messages were the following:

” . . . I wish we could always pray together, just like we do tonight, especially for the families who face abuse like you read in the booklet – for those, for whom the kindness and justice is just an illusion – unobtainable.

We were all invited to today’s feast. We came, many of us, from different churches, from different backgrounds, languages, and different beliefs. All the invited gave up special time and here we are – united in prayer.

 “Come, for everything is ready now”. What is our response? The meal may be ready, but – are we?  Do we reach out to the lonely, the lost, the sad, and the needy? Do we gratefully sing the refrain of the hymn:  “Here I am, Lord. Is it I Lord?  . . .   I will go Lord, if you lead me, I will hold your people in my heart . . .”

We were all invited today too, to come, because everything is ready: to pray and celebrate together! Many of us, strangers until now, are welcomed guests, friends and worshippers in today’s joint prayer for Slovenia and showing respect to one another.

Thank you to the organisers of today’s event, and God Bless you ALL. Bog vas blagoslovi!