Anica Markič conveyed her presentation to the community at  St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Endeavour Hills:

. . . ‘Slovenia is a land of stunning natural beauty, exquisite scenery, a land of varied treasure.

The attraction of Mt Triglav, the bewitching Adriatic coast, although only some 43 km in length, then you have the intriguing Karst region – the Škocjanske and Postojna Caves, the deep waters  of Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled, the fast rapids of Soča river and other crystal clear waters of numerous waterways slithering through picturesque towns and villages. 

For a small country like Slovenia, this is, in deed, a land once looked upon favourably by God.’

“We praise you Lord for the nature, for the waterfalls and the waves of the sea.  We give you our praise for fruitful fields and vineyards, green forests and snow capped peaks.”